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Sam Memmolo On Television

The Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman Duo Has Returned!

SamDavePromoBristol, TN – Masters Entertainment Group, Inc. (MEG) produces their TV series “Motorhead Garage” featuring Sam Memmolo, and Dave Bowman, formerly of Shadetree Mechanic and Two Guys Garage. The series is currently airing on Velocity Channel, that originally debuted on Fox Sports Network (FSN) back in 2010 nationwide. They developed the concept of step by step “product installation” designed to help the automotive enthusiasts utilize the latest in aftermarket products. The series features “Step by Step” instructions as each product installation is completed. The series is archived on Masters Entertainment Groups Internet Television Network at “We were extremely pleased to reunite this dynamic duo. Sam and Dave were the pioneers and originators of the “Automotive How To” programs,” stated Butch McCall, Executive Vice President of Masters. “They developed the concept of step by step “product installation” designed to help the automotive enthusiasts utilize the latest in aftermarket products.”

Masters Entertainment Group & Griot’s Garage

treasures_thumbnailGriot’s Garage Treasures, an automotive series aired nationally on Fox Sports Network for thirteen weeks.  

Two Guys Garage

1000_sammemmoloTwo Guys Garage expanded Sam's ability to take on projects that were not possible back at the old garage. He loves building and working on performance machines along with performing general automotive repair. Two Guys Garage Performance Shop gave more room to do all kinds of performance and dress-up projects and use more sophisticated equipment than the shadetree garage, all without bothering the neighbors.

Crank and Chrome

Dave and Sam CartoonSam and Dave Bowman previously hosted the series called "Crank and Chrome", which aired on TNN. The Crank and Chrome Performance Shop was a venue where Sam and Dave built high performance cars, street rods, and did all sorts of performance modifications. Crank and Chrome was a place to find all kinds of neat products, useful information, and money saving tips for the do-it-your-selfer. From pick up truck suspensions to race truck engines, Sam and Dave were always busy with some interesting job, and their shop was frequently visited by fabulous custom cars and hot rods.

Shadtree Mechanic

Shadetree_Mechanic_338_999Shadetree Mechanic is a television series that aired on TNN (now Spike TV) for 8 seasons from October 4, 1992 to May 14, 2000. It featured automotive repair and maintenance tips. The show was hosted by Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman. During the mid-1990's, Shadetree Mechanic was also broadcast on some PBS television channels.  Shadetree Mechanic has been superseded by Crank and Chrome and 2 Guys' Garage which air on SPEED TV and now Motorhead Garage on Velocity.

My Classic Car

hqdefaultSam is also seen with another great friend, Dennis Gage, the master of the restoration and preservation hobby.  Dennis hosts  My Classic Car.  With his unique style, Dennis Gage takes his viewers and club members on video tours of some of the world's finest automotive extravaganzas.  He is truly a "Genuine Car Guy", with several pristine classics in his collection. There are restoration and reproduction products and services, as well as nifty equipment to help make the job go better and faster.  Watch  Dennis show you how to do it and what to use.  That's My Classic Car.

The Roger Musick Story

I first met Roger at the 2013 F-100 Super Nationals and all Ford Show in Pigeon Forge TN. Bill Riel introduced him to me and Roger and I spent some time together as he described his restoration of his 1959 Ford F-100. This year's F-100 Super Nationals was awesome and well attended with 750 beautiful vehicles. Roger returned again, along with his family including several beautiful grandchildren. He shared his Vietnam military experience with me and I was so moved that I felt compelled to post this on my website in Roger's own words. He made me even prouder to be an American as I listened to his story. Here it is in Roger's own words.  Sam

 I grew up in Southwest Virginia in Russell County on a mountainside farm. My family did not have a vehicle of any kind until I was age 17. Anyone in our community that had a vehicle was thought to be very fortunate.

 In September of 1965, I enlisted in the military and went through Army basic training. Then on to more training for approximately a year before being shipped off to Vietnam. I served with the 1st Battalion 40th Field Artillery group up on the DMZ from September 1966 through September of 1967. I saw lots of combat and served alongside the Marines. My job was to keep shelling the enemy positions for our infantry guys.

 When I returned from the war I was sent to Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks Alaska. In April of 1968 I purchased a 1959 Ford F-100 as Military salvage for $75.00. This was my first automobile and I was excited to have it. I repaired it and was able to drive it without the threat of road mines, incoming artillery shells, rockets, mortars or snipers. My true definition of Freedom!

 When the army discharged me at Fort Wainwright in late 1968, my 1959 pickup was my ride home. We traveled 5,000 miles home without a hitch. In March of 1969, I traded the '59 for a new 1969 F-100 receiving $800.00 in trade against the '69 window sticker.

 Forty two years later, in May of 2011, I found my old '59 at the F-100 Super Nationals in Pigeon Forge. I purchased it, took it home to Virginia and did a "Frame-Off" restoration back to original. Keeping the 292 Cu. In. Y-block engine, Ford-O-Matic transmission, 4 wheel drum brakes, a single master cylinder, generator and manual steering.

 With the exception of the engine machine shop work and the transmission overhaul, I did all the work myself, including the paint. With the extensive use of Dennis Carpenter reproduction and N.O.S. parts, my truck came back to life.

 In May of 2012 and again in 2013, my '59 won "Best in Class Award" at the F-100 Super Nationals and "Classmates choice" at my trade school class reunion. Nothing delights me more than going for a ride or to a car show in my '59 with my wife of 44 years. Sharing the interest that family and friends have in my old F-100 pick up is "Priceless".

Roger Musick Abingdon, VA.